TesseracT: South African tour dates revealed

Tesseract SA tour by Turning Tricks Entertainment

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom: progressive metal band TesseracT have been announced for two tour dates in South Africa for 2017. It comes as no surprise to find Turning Tricks Entertainment pulling the strings, following other tours by progressively-inclined rock and metal bands visiting the country in recent years, including the likes of Periphery, Protest The Hero and Karnivool, to name just a few.

“There are albums to listen to and bands to watch perform but only an elite few musical collectives manifest creative work that must be experienced. Ascending to the forefront of the progressive hard rock and metal community through creative fearlessness and determination, TesseracT invite listeners on an expansive, esoteric, and atmospheric journey, constructing unique and immersive worlds within their music, all of it drenched in swirling layers of sound, distinctive melodies, and unapologetic experimentation.” ~ Warren Gibson (press representative, Turning Tricks Entertainment)

TesseracT are a well-seasoned touring act, having performed most of Europe’s major festivals and have release three studio albums including One (2011), Altered State (2013), and Polaris (2015). The band also won the Progressive Music Award for New Blood for their 2011 debut, an honorific offered by the TeamRock publishers (Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog Magazine) which collectively represents the top-selling music magazines in the UK.

South African Tour Dates:

Cape Town: Friday, 28 April @ The Mercury Live supported by Verona Walls. Get tickets.

Johannesburg: Saturday, 29 April @ Bassline supported by Deity’s Muse and Red Helen. Get tickets.

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