Crescent: Pyramid Slaves video released

Crescent 2015 Pyramid Slaves press

Cairo, Egypt: mystically-themed blackened death metal band Crescent are closing the chapter on their 2014 debut full-length album Pyramid Slaves, with the release of the long awaited music video for their title track ‘Pyramid Slaves’. We went in search of some answers from one of Egypt’s longest standing extreme metal acts, formed in 1999, to find out what they have been up to in the last three years and why the release of the music video has come only now:

“We are one of the oldest bands in Egypt. We have gone through some down times and froze our activities for years, but we always had the band in our hearts. Finding the suitable musicians in Egypt isn’t easy at all and hence we have passed through many changes in the line up. Also, the switch of musical direction took us time to adapt to the new sound we endeavoured.” ~ Ismaeel Attallah (guitar/vocals, Crescent)

The perseverance through so many years, and the eventual release of a full-length album to follow up the now-aged The Retribution EP (2008), seems to have brought the band to critical mass in 2014 with Pyramid Slaves. In the same year of the album, Crescent won the first ever Egyptian participation in the international Wacken Metal Battle to go and represent their nation at Wacken Open Air; where they finished up in the top ten. Since then, visits to Europe are picking up momentum for the band. So much so that the pressure is on to release a follow up album soon.

“We are currently in the final stages of the actual recording of the new full length album, titled The Order of Amenti. We are extremely happy about this record as we believe we have reached a new level of originality in this genre. This record might have something special to it in the blackened death metal genre in general. It’s also a one hour record and its got lots of things to say; with sonic-fast blast-beats, yet lots of groove as well; very melodic, and very Egyptian sounding. We are estimating to complete it by the beginning of 2017.” ~ Ismaeel Attallah

Ismaeel describes the video as having taken so much time to complete owing to the difficulty in finding the right people to work on it, as well as a long pause owing to other circumstances. Nonetheless, it has been completed as entirely self-produced.

“The concept is being enslaved to your own possessions and desires of wanting more. The ‘pyramid of needs’ isn’t enough for man’s greed and basically it’s substituted with his own creation of a different pyramid that he is enslaved to. This is modern enslavement manifested in our contemporary life, and which we all are part of it one way or another. It isn’t really different from the ancient times, but it has just taken a different form.” ~ Ismaeel Attallah

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