The Alpha Sequence introduced with ‘Photon Phantom’

The Alpha Sequence: Photon Phantom

The latest brutal metal onslaught to Cape Town stages, The Alpha Sequence, have released their first single ‘Photon Phantom’. Introducing themselves as Technical Deathcore, the five-piece band have made an impact in the live scene since their emergence in recent months, having formed only in 2015.

“The band has taken its influence from a wide variety of music as we all have different tastes, but we focus our style around extended range instruments and complex riff patterns while throwing in the occasional odd time signatures” ~ Sherlic White (guitar, The Alpha Sequence)

Sherlic, who himself designed the band logo and the ‘Photon Phantom’ accompanying artwork, explained a little more about the band’s D.I.Y approach with the recording also having been done by co-guitarist, Callan Du Plessis at his home studio. With this sample now out and available for free download (visit the band’s bandcamp page to download), The Alpha Sequence are preparing for a bigger release project for later in 2016 with an EP. On the immediate track and it’s lyrical theme, Sherlic gave us some hints of what to expect from the bigger work to follow:

“We owe lyrical credit to vocalist Duan De Jager who has created lyrics that are not only thought provoking, but has tailored the very theme of our band. Lyrics to ‘Photon Phantom’ and various tracks written by the band include issues such as the massive social and economic gaps found within our society and how eradication of free thought has left us all in the dark. The ‘Photon Phantom’ in itself is the antagonist in this track, as it represents a force that traps us in a system of decay, preventing us from realizing the true nature of things.” ~ Sherlic White

The Alpha Sequence can be seen live in Cape Town on 5 March at Mercury Live with The Fallen Prophets, Devilspeak and Mind Assault for The Fallen Prophets’ album launch (see event here), or can be seen with a sterling line-up at The Unscene‘s next all-ages show at ROAR on 02 April (see event here).

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