The Divine Plague yields to Insidious Reign

Insidious Reign 2015

In South Africa’s Gauteng province, 2012, a new death metal union emerged when Nikola Bruni (formerly of Deane Crescent) and Nicholas Sothman (formerly of Bile Of Man) joined forces to create Divine Plague. The vision became manifest in full by 2013 when the band gathered a performing line-up, including Wesley Van Diggelen (formerly of Where Martyrs Dare), and took to the stage.

“Since the early days we have always taken the music very seriously. We have learned a lot over the years and many aspects of the band have become more refined. We’re more focused on the long term and the path ahead.” ~ Wesley Van Diggelen (vocals/guitar, Insidious Reign)

Now in 2015, with the band having honed its member’s collective experience into this stronger version of themselves, and with new guitarist Bennie Burger (known also from Bile Of Man) introduced, they have decided to re-brand. Since 07 August, the band has dismissed their former name and appear now as Insidious Reign, along with a new look and feel to accompany this fresh chapter in their journey.

“There were many aspects that we considered before we decided on the name change. The new name made sense in terms of our plans moving forward, and with what the band intends to become.” ~ Wesley Van Diggelen

Insidious Reign will begin work on their debut release as early as September, with a big year planned for 2016 when it becomes available. Although Wesley suggests at more that is not being said right now, he also told us that all will be revealed once the band know’s that they can deliver on their promises to fans, old and new.

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Wesley Van Diggelen

Bennie Burger

Nikola Bruni

Steven de Pina