The Drift: Album Coming – Artwork Revealed

The Mountain Star - album cover from The Drift

Johannesburg’s The Drift, who burst not only abruptly into the live metal circuit in 2013 but also delivered their debut album Dreams Of Deluge within short months of announcing their existence, have already returned with their second full-length titled The Mountain Star. With the official album launch anticipated for May 2015, the band has revealed The Mountain Star‘s artwork today, following the release of a sample track ‘Hunted’ in February.

Approach-wise, the artwork for The Mountain Star appears to have some similarities and is yet stylistically quite different from the Dreams Of Deluge artwork which we know was delivered by Chris Valentine. We asked if the same artist had applied his hand to this work.

“I was viciously looking for an artist to do the artwork for this album, but in the end I ended up taking up the task. I was trying to avoid that situation so that we as a band could focus purely on the music. But I’m glad I took it on in the end… deadlines were met and budget was spared. Also, I think it came out alright.” ~ Louis Du Pisani (vocals, The Drift)

Sample image from inside of the fold-out cover

The Drift sample The Mountain Star

On the album itself, we have only heard ‘Hunted’ so far, which reminisces closely with the material found on Dreams Of Deluge. This comes as no surprise, however, as the band admits to have begun writing for the album already whilst still in the recording cycle of the previous.

“We revealed it in the first album’s booklet that Dreams of Deluge was the middle part of a trilogy. The planning for album three – as the prequel – has already begun.” ~ Louis Du Pisani

Louis told us that four songs from the coming The Mountain Star had already been written by the time of completing the last album’s recording. He reserved further comment on the third album’s writing process suffice to say:

“We’re definitely going to be taking our time for the last album. We’re very proud of what we’ve done thus far, but in order to pull off what we intend to with album three, we need to detach ourselves from the process completely. So that will take some time. The process to create The Mountain Star was frenetic and pretty intense. For the last one, we’re going to be doing the opposite. We’re going to live with those tunes a little longer.” ~ Louis Du Pisani

The Mountain Star has undergone a rigorous process of writing and pre-production prior to it’s actual recording, culminating at a final tracking by JP de Stefani at his legendary B Sharp Studios in Gauteng. The choice for that studio includes the band wanting to attain a more traditional and analog sound, especially with drums. Mastering was done by Chris Brink and the band declares great satisfaction with the outcome of this most recent team.

The Drift will appear live on stage at next weekends (03-05 April 2015) impressive Witchfest Urban Festival, featuring a massive local line-up to support international heavy-weights such as Cannibal Corpse, Hatebreed, Epica, Decapitated, Kataklysm, Belphegor and many more spread across the three days. The Drift has also been invited as the sole support act for At the Gates at the Johannesburg date for their South African tour on 30 May. Follow them for updates at their facebook page or at their own website.

‘Hunted’ is the first track released from the new album The Mountain Star.

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