The Drift release single and invite participation in video shoot

The Drift Hunted single

The Drift, based in Guateng, raised a storm in 2013 when in one swift move released an album, some videos, and then leaped immediately onto the 2014 national tours supporting Lamb Of God and Dreamshade in South Africa. Whilst opening themselves to wide and sometimes evidently bitter criticism from some voices within the local metal scene, the band had proven themselves worthy of such a bold coup d’état through a rock solid debut release and consequent live performances. This was further illustrated when, even before appearing live in support of Unearth at Krank’d Up last year, Trevor Phipps is on record as saying about the local music he had heard to date:

The Drift speaks to me most. They have the heaviness and groove that I seek out in a lot of the metal I listen to.” ~ Trevor Phipps (vocals, Unearth) ~ original interview at The Metal Review

The band is now poising for the follow-up album to its debut Dreams Of Deluge, which has been previously publicized by the band as only the first part of an expected trilogy. Already, The Drift have unveiled a single by the title of ‘Hunted’ from their forthcoming The Mountain Star album and doubled it is as a public invitation to participate in the filming of the first music video for the new full-length.

“Picking singles are always a challenge for us. The Drift‘s albums work as a full body of work telling one big story – so throwing out one track for public consumption is usually quite tricky. We decided to give you ‘Hunted’, the central chapter of the new album The Mountain Star. It is a fair representation of what to expect from the new full length effort. There are faster songs, there are slower songs, so this one is a nice middle ground from what to expect from the 3rd chapter in the Deluge trilogy. We’ll divulge more on the lyrical context of the song when the album is released.” ~ Louis Du Pisani (vocals, The Drift)

The Drift will be shooting a live performance portion for the track’s music video this Sunday, 01 March, at the brand new The Iron Tusk venue (which exists inside the already-established Carfax venue). The public is invited to attend and be a part of it. The format will take place as a live show along with a full set by the band, but including a few live re-takes of ‘Hunted’ in performance. Members of the public who wish to participate must please arrive by 12h00 noon at the latest. The band will provide some beverages, and Jagermeister has also come to the party with a few bottles.

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