The Drift release ‘A Shadow Dream’ for streaming

The Drift press picture

The Drift have concluded their Gauteng album launch for The Mountain Star, the follow-up album to their 2013 debut Dreams Of Deluge. They celebrated by putting up another song from the album for public streaming with ‘A Shadow Dream’, a track which puts forward a great display in the bands full musical dynamism.

“This is definitely my personal favourite on the album. It’s a pretty expansive listen, so for the pals who want a three minute face-melter, this unfortunately isn’t the track. The Drift songs always form part of a more complete narrative, and this track is one of the album’s more introspective moments; set up by the latter half of ‘Hunted’. Lyrically this song also links the story back to the ‘Dreams of Deluge’ album.” ~ Louis Du Pisani (vocals, The Drift)

As described in a previous article (read here), Dreams Of Deluge and the now-released The Mountain Star form up two parts of an intended trilogy.

The recent album launch comprised of two concerts in the Gauteng region along with Spectral Realm who also released their debut album titled A Voyage To Spectral Realm. The launch series, dubbed A Mountain Voyage comprised of the two parts as described by Louis:

“‘Part One’ was a super exciting album launch show we shared with Spectral Realm where we tried out a cool combination of bands and even did a guitar give-way with the flyer art. It was fun, well attended, and I think everyone was surprised how easy it was to blur the genre lines and just bring many different flavours together for a lekker jol. ‘Part Two’ was a little more punk in its delivery. Our pals at the new Iron Tusk venue asked us to put another one together, so it was a little more off the cuff. We tried to bring in a host of non-metal bands to experiment a little further with some cross culture sonic adventures. Newtown is going to start cooking!” ~ Louis Du Pisani

The album is currently not available digitally as yet, although hard copies are in circulation since recent performances. Be sure to get to a show to pick one up, or connect with The Drift via their facebook page to find about about purchase and shipping.

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