The Drift release video for ‘The Mountain’

The Drift Hunted single

Gauteng’s groove-laden The Drift released a live footage music video today featuring their song ‘The Mountain’ off of the 2015 The Mountain Star album.

The release comes in the wake of the departure of bassist Marc Junius, announced by the band on 09 September, and as sign that the band have since recovered enough strength to begin building excitement for their return to the live stage in November. The video represents something of a send-off to the former bass man. Marc’s replacement has yet to be introduced.

“Since we never got to shoot Marc’s final show we decided to put this video together to celebrate his time hanging with us.” ~ Louis Du Pisani (vocals, The Drift)

‘The Mountain’ was edited by the band’s vocalist, Louis Du Pisani, from footage shot by Cody Pike and James Williams at The Drift‘s The Mountain Voyage album launch in May this year.

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