The Fallen Prophets: ‘Death Conquers Life’ out now

The Fallen Prophets 2017 Death Conquers Life

Cape Town, South Africa: death metal band The Fallen Prophets has released it’s four-track EP Death Conquers Life today. Death Conquers Live is now available for preview and purchase via Bandcamp and other online distribution platforms.

With only four songs on the current release, we had to ask if momentum was slowing since it’s rapid rise to prominence on the live circuit through 2015-2016; also having experienced some members changes. The passion behind the project was clear in the response. If anything, the band has only gained momentum, even to the point of promising another full length album before the end of 2017. A member answered by sharing his view on what motivates the band:

“Hell no! It’s the blood, sweat and tears! The crowd going mad after a song! The feeling of giving life to a new song and the bond you make with your mates in the band, and the learning experience of all that is metal.” ~ Pieter Pieterse (vocals/guitar, The Fallen Prophets)

The Fallen Prophets 2016 press picture

The band’s work follows up on it’s 2016 debut full length album Slaughtered At The Altar, and showcases the brutal quartet’s developments since absorbing two new members; Cole Grainger (formerly in Symphonic Schizophrenia and Suiderbees) on drums, as well as Wian Bester (also in Imperial Destruction and Bloodbarf) on bass guitar. The production work on the recording also shows a band rapidly reaching maturity in the studio environment, with Death Conquers Life being it’s second recording project working with Llwellyn Kapp at Worlds End Studios in Bellville, Cape Town.

The release is being accompanied by a live launch which, at the time of going to press, is currently underway at ROAR Live in Observatory, Cape Town. The Fallen Prophets recently shared plans with us which members are putting into place for a series of national tour dates, though we do not have much information to share at this time. However, with Death Conquers Life safely in our own Bandcamp basket, we now wait patiently for more news on the full-length promised for later this year, and the tour.