The Fallen Prophets promise Blood, Guts, and Gore

The Fallen Prophets - Laura McCullagh
The Fallen Prophets: image courtesy of Laura McCullagh

No longer the new little grizzlies on the block by any stretch, Cape Town’s goriest death metal quartet are poised to launch their anticipated debut album, Slaughtered On The Altar. Yesterday, The Fallen Prophets released their first teaser unsurprisingly titled ‘Covered in Blood, Guts, and Gore’ to herald the imminent arrival of the full-length gore feast.

We have been told that the album launch will take place in the form of a concert at Mercury Live on Saturday 05 March, and will feature The Fallen Prophets, Mind Assault, Devilspeak, and The Alpha Sequence for a night of headbanging not soon to be forgotten. We have been told to expect full details once the artwork for Slaughtered At The Altar is ready, perhaps in another week or two. In the meantime, enjoy a taste of ‘Covered In Blood, Guts, and Gore’.

For Gauteng death metallers, catch The Fallen Prophets live at Witchfest 2016 on Saturday 26 March, along with the likes of Misery Index, Behemoth, and other international plus local performers. Single day and full weekend tickets available from Witchdoctor Productions.

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