The Overmind Emerges from Durban

the-overmind-dissolutionAbout a month ago I wrote about the stellar debut release from Become the Watcher from Durban, and now it seems they are leading the charge for new blood in the local scene. Enter The Overmind, a death metal project that’s been gestating in KwaZulu-Natal since 2013 and has now unleashed their first single “Blueprint Bioforms” unto the world at large.

The upcoming EP, Dissolution, is being mixed and mastered by Byron Dunwoody of the aforementioned Become the Watcher, with artwork being handled by Mark Cooper of “Mind Rape Art”. The band explains the concept as follows:

The name for the band was adapted from popular science-fiction game lore, which in turn led to the lyrical concept behind the “Dissolution” EP. The lyrics depict a story of a terraforming operation on an unknown planet and the consequences of humanity’s arrogance. This theme will be carried over into future releases, and the story of The Overmind will be revealed as time progresses.

Featuring a lineup of seasoned metal veterans (including members of Stellawood Decapitation, Divine Affliction and Pledge Defiance) the band is gearing up to release their EP in January and begin gigging live the following month. If you ask me, this is exactly how a band should go about launching themselves – provide a killer product and then hit the stage once their tracks are firmly ingrained in the public’s heads.

Stream “Blueprint Bioforms” below and check out The Overmind on Facebook here