The Third World Circus release self titled debut

Frederik Nagel musician and songwriter

The Third World Circus is something of a solo project by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Frederik (Fred) Nagel. Fred is known in the metal circles for his role as keyboardist/vocalist for the now defunct Sentyre, and also for playing drums in the much beloved folk metal band, Balyios.

Last Sunday, on 21 September, Fred released his The Third World Circus solo album. The self-titled album fully displays this young musician’s songwriting prowess and technical ability. All instruments and vocals are performed by Fred himself, as well as the recording and post production. The focus of the project is a bravely satirical stab at what is viewed as wrong about South Africa as seen through the eye’s of the ‘born free’ generation, as well as a view on much of the residual that lingers on today, twenty years after the first democratic elections in 1994.

“Racial tension is still a crippling issue in the country. Being part of the first generation that grew up after apartheid, these racial conflicts and narrow-mindedness just seem ridiculous.” ~ Frederik Nagel (songwriter/performer, The Third World Circus)

The album delivers these musings in a progressive heavy metal format. However, Fred has worked in elements of classical music, jazz, and a few other interesting twists. The full album of nine recorded tracks can be acquired via Fred’s bandcamp page. We’ve included one sample here.

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