The Toll Poll: Cape Town, lets have some fun!

Cape Town, South Africa: with metal4africa finding ourselves at the beginning of a new chapter with a whole new decade laying a head of us and one now behind us, we’ve considered a lot of ideas to refresh ourselves. One of these is to give more power into the hands of the community we serve.

In particular, we’re focusing a new feature towards our event series hosted in Cape Town with SummerFest and WinterFest. Capetonians, we want your opinion, and we’ve invented a game in order to encourage you to give it: The Toll Poll. There are prospective winnings involved and a ton of socially interactive fun guaranteed if you play along. Join us at The Rabbit Hole in Durbanville on Saturday 21 January for a free entry party. Our focus for this event will be social and fun, including DJ MasterBlaster (remember Andy Hawes from M4A shows outdoor section circa 2008-2012?) playing the best in metal, spiced with some features on selected South African bands; and now here comes the catch.

From the local bands MasterBlaster will be featuring on the night, all of them will be from outside of the Cape Town regions, and one of them will be invited to play the following M4A show at WinterFest’17 in July. As to the question of which one… this is for the Cape Town metal community to decide and you stand a chance to win some cash prizes whilst doing so. Do you want to know exactly how The Toll Poll works? Read full details of the game here.

Visit the official facebook event page for The Toll Poll
Visit the official facebook event page for SummerFest’17