Theatre Runs Red Album Announcement

Theatre Runs Red Promotional Photo Theatre Runs Red remain one of South Africa’s most highly acclaimed pre-release death metal acts. Over the last few years since emerging out of the Kwazulu-Natal Region, they have performed multiple shows in all major cities across the country to eager audiences, resulting in being selected to appear at festivals ranging from Ramfest (Western Cape) to the other side of the country at Thornfest (Gauteng) and others in-between.
The band has been working tirelessly for over half a year to elevate themselves to the status of a released band. Sadly, they will remain SA’s most highly acclaimed pre-release band for a time longer.

In a recently submitted press release, the band told Metal4Africa how recording for the debut album, planned months ago for release in January, has come to a catastrophic collapse.
“A major stumbling block from the start has been the drums,” they told us, “Having received the product from the person who recorded the drums, we’ve spent much of our time trying to rectify technical shortcomings these last months, but to no avail.”

A visibly distressed Theatre Runs Red wish to apologise to all of those fans who have been looking forward to the national release in January/February 2012.
“We have to apologize to all of our fans who have stuck with us throughout this process. This had the makings of a great product and it pains us to have to watch it fall apart, despite having poured in our blood, sweat, and now our tears into the endeavour.”

We at Metal4Africa are nonetheless looking forward to Theatre Runs Red performing at SummerFest’12 (link to event). Although an album would have been great, we have not come to love Theatre Runs Red any less for their lack of recorded material since first gracing the M4A Stage in 2009, and we are happy to patiently wait it out until such time as they are able to deliver the quality product they have envisaged for us.
The band remains fairly upbeat about their tour dates, saying: “We intend raising hell with all of you in exactly the same demented manner originally had planned. So join us as we blacken the doorsteps of your towns for a round of gigs where we are joined by SA’s finest metal madmen for a couple of nights of frenzied moshing, beer-swilling rabble-rousing and great fucking metal!”

Theatre Runs Red will be headlining Metal4Africa Summerfest ’12 alongside Sabretooth.