Theatre Runs Red Hint at Debut Album

theatre-runs-red-promo-2014To say that Durban black metal band Theatre Runs Red have been plagued with misfortune would be an understatement. Personal commitments, dodgy recording arrangements and the near collapse of the Durban metal scene would have crushed a lesser band, but the quintent have soldiered on! After keeping up a rigorous gigging schedule and raising brows all over the country, the band have retreated somewhat to focus on recording their long-awaited debut!

Titled Nigrum Terra Madre which loosely translates to “Black Earth Mother” (thanks, Google!) the album, according to the band, is set for release upon the world in 2015. Theatre have also launched a brand new website and a truly brooding set of promo shots by Tyler Dolan Photography to coincide with the announcement.

Check out the photos below and stay tuned to for further developments. This is one album you don’t wait to miss!