Third World Party: ‘Emptiness’ single released

Bloemfontein, South Africa: a new song has been released by the metalcore project Third World Party titled ‘Emptiness’. The current track seems to represent a departure from the more quirky lyrical themes explored in the band’s debut EP Freestate, released late last year, in taking what appears to be a somewhat darker, more somber tone.

The main man behind the project – and currently only member of the band – vocalist Eugene Pretorius tells us that work is in the pipeline for an album release in due course. The current track being no indication of a long-term deviation from the project’s initial showing with Freestate.

“The album is going to be very similar to the EP in terms of style. It’s going to be very energetic and have some great twists planned for the tracks, also, the first single of the album is going to be a heavy one, very much in contrast to the ‘Emptiness’ single.” ~ Eugene Pretorius

Apart from Chinese-based collaborator, Ryan Zeelie, who has written all of the music to Eugene’s project so far, there is also talk of some collaboration with Shane Botha of Creating The Godform. Shane is attending to the mixing and mastering of the releases by Third World Party, and will feature as guest vocalist on the next single. No dates have been promised on future releases as of yet.

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