This is About Our Pride as Metal Heads…

And we’d hate to see it dented! Too often do we see the genre of metal slipping unnoticed by the wayside when awards are categorized and even our most awesome bands are not taken seriously. Also too often, the team at M4A is defending against people accusing the metal folk of this country as being a fragmented bunch, incapable of uniting under a common banner towards a common cause. We have now been given the golden opportunity to demonstrate against this misconception. On the website it has come to our attention that a local metal band which has had a lot to talk about in 2011 is nominated amongst 9 other non-metal bands/artists as Best Local Artist of 2011.

At this point we urge that unless you have any particularly reason NOT to do so, then please prove your metal and go right now to and show some heavy metal love for Durban’s Contrast the Water who will be returning from the USA in March from their few months of conquest. It would be such a great honour for us to see SA metalheads rise up in their hundreds – or even thousands – to see us take our place of recognition as a genre. For metal!

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