Thorvald: ‘Blood Eagle’ album out today

Thorvald 2016 Blood Eagle

Alexandria, Egypt: offering an Egyptian face to Nordic-themed metal, Thorvald put an ironic twist into the local scene where many bands dip into Egypt’s own rich national heritage for musical inspiration. Instead of desert sands and mummified kings returning from the dead, the focus of Blood Eagle is set to icy oceans and Viking folklore. Whilst we looked into the reasons for this in a previous conversation with Thorvald, today we wish to join them in celebration of their debut album release.

“I feel great! It’s a dream that came to life, to exist. It started as an EP then shifted to a full album. I feel people can think of it as two EPs combined since each side is different but, it’s a whole album; different styles, different genres, each track will be a favorite to someone out there. I aim to please all kinds of tastes as much as possible.” ~ Ahmad Mostafa (writer/guitar, Thorvald)

In reference to “each side” of Blood Eagle, the album is in fact split between two completely different vocal styles, and each with a different voice behind the microphone. The first four tracks feature the band’s most recent addition with Seif El-Shazly, representing a power-metal/traditional vocal style. Amr Hossam brings a more death/extreme metal edge to the final four tracks. Ahmad tells us more about the band’s vision and purpose, and why Thorvald is quite happy to work with more than one voice.

“The two sides are different; actually more of every track is different. We simply play ‘viking’ metal… it can be heavy metal, black metal, death metal; but simply metal with Nordic folklore as the cornerstone. I have no idea what will come next. Maybe the new guy will remain, or maybe the old guy want to get back so we split the next album; I don’t know. but Seif, the new guy, he’s the future for now.” ~ Ahmad Mostafa (writer/guitar, Thorvald)

Thorvald 2016 press

Blood Eagle is available as a gift from the band, offered as free download to any who wish to possess it. Download links include via Dropbox, Megafileupload, and Mediafire. Below is the track ‘The Legend of Beowulf’, featuring Seif El-Shazly on vocals.

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