Thorvald release title track: Blood Eagle

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Alexandria, Egypt: Viking inspired Death Metal band Thorvald have released the title track from their forthcoming Blood Eagle debut album.

Thorvald are something of a first for Egypt, focusing on themes of Norse mythology whilst based in a land with it’s own culture and history being among the richest in the world. Whilst no others from the nation have been known to embrace this particular approach, they are not alone in the region where fans might also appreciate Ymyrgar from nearby Tunisia who also visit Nordic and euro-folk themes. But where Thorvald do fit in comfortably with many of their Egyptian peers is in the underlying heaviness and darkness of the music produced and revealed so far. With the release of the title track from their debut album – which remains a work in progress – we wanted to get to know Thorvald a little better and learn about the role they seek to play within the scene they are part of.

“The Egyptian metal scene is a bit odd if you ask me. Musicians and fans are highly inspired by extreme metal only. They rarely focus on Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Glam Metal and other ‘lighter’ genres of music.” ~ Ahmad Mostafa (writer/guitar, Thorvald)

‘Blood Eagle’, title track from the forthcoming debut album:

Ahmad explained to us that despite being the only Nordic-themed band, this is not so strange as most bands from the region are not particularly focused on local culture.

“The bands who represent the Egyptian mythology in their work are only few. Scarab and Crescent are the greatest bands when it come to this. There are other bands who are influenced by Oriental music and use harmonic minor scale and hogaz scale or mode in their music, but not in the lyrics. The rest just play other genres in its routine style.” ~ Ahmad Mostafa

In chatting further about vikings and what-not, Ahmad admits that these themes are what comes most naturally to him as a musician.

“My friends used to tell me: ‘why not make a viking band like Amon Amarth?’ as a kind of a joke, so I made the joke a real thing. I’m highly influenced by Amon Amarth and the viking era of Bathory.” ~ Ahmad Mostafa

‘Wanderer Of The North’ was the first single released from Blood Eagle:

Although Ahmad plays an important role in the band with writing as a multi-instrumentalist, he tells us that Thorvald is formed up of a full compliment of members despite not yet having performed live. He cites the reason as being that the band wishes to first build a prominent name by means of having a decent catalogue of music before taking to the stage; to appear live only once the fans are eager to see Thorvald play.

‘Blood Eagle’ is not the first track released by Thorvald. It is also not the first track from the coming Blood Eagle album. Ahmad explains that the process of release will be a little different for this first album owing to financial constraints as the band strives to establish itself properly.

“We first planned to release an EP, but unfortunately we kept delaying it till we canceled the idea to shift it from an EP to a full-length album. The album has no fixed release date, as we are releasing it song by song. We record at home where I do the recording of the guitars and the bass. The drummer does the programming, mastering and mixing.” ~ Ahmad Mostafa

An early demo from Thorvald, ‘Dreams Of Scandinavia’:

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