Thread Of Omen: ‘Vindicta’ album out now

Cape Town, South Africa: melodic death metal from ‘The Mother City’ has always enjoyed a strong presence on the scene with no lack of new generations rising to replace the old. Thread Of Omen is one such who gave the sub-genre a new lease on life with it’s arrival in late 2013, hitting the live circuit with vigor and wasting no time in recording a full-length debut album Palace Of The Fathers which was released in February 2015.

This weekend, Thread Of Omen delivered it’s follow-up full length with Vindicta, officially launched on hard copy on Friday 17 February, and then digitally on Saturday 18th.

In a previous statement, frontman Victor told us a little about what could be expected from the current release:

“In a nutshell, we want to bring a more positive message regarding existential and philosophical codes of moral ethos, along with inspirational messages of individualism and revolt against the degrading establishments of control. Album number two would be best described as ‘the next step in evolution’ for Thread of Omen.” ~ Victor van den Heever (vocals, Thread Of Omen)

The band is scheduled to tour to Eastern Europe in August this year, focused largely on the Wrath Inc stronghold of Romania with a key appearance at Rockstadt Extreme Fest. Last year, the festical saw fellow Cape Town metal band Mind Assault make a similar appearance.

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