Thunderdeth: local bands pay homage to the greats


What else do the South African bands Infanteria and Mind Assault share in common? Quite a lot, apparently, despite sounding very different.

Both are based near the city of Cape Town, and both have been around long enough to have performed the very first M4A WinterFest in 2007. Infanteria and Mind Assault will also, for the first time, be co-headlining M4A‘s next WinterFest’15 together (see the WinterFest’15 press release or facebook event), and both have supported major international touring bands (Infanteria opened for Trivium at RAMfest in 2014 and Mind Assault supported Lamb Of God in that same year). Although, apart from these highlighted events, the bands are rarely seen gigging together. Nonetheless, they have enough in common to also share the desire to pay homage to ‘The Greats’; to those who have served as an inspiration to themselves in music, performance, and the enduring spirit of heavy metal.

On August 28th at ROAR (299 Lower Main Road, Observatory), Infanteria will perform a tribute set to the mighty Megadeth, and members of Mind Assault will join up with their Amon Amarth tribute band The Thunder Gods, hosted by Burning Tone Records. But why now suddenly? Both bands are known to have done a similar stint years ago.

“We’re doing the classics off Megadeth‘s 1990 Rust In Peace album to celebrate it’s 25th anniversary, plus a few more classics from their catalog. All of us are massive Megadeth fans and we wanted to have some fun and play these songs live again.” ~ Christopher Hall (vocals/guitar, Infanteria)

The set also marks a highlight in the thrash metal band’s career, with the welcoming of Adriano to the ranks a few years ago. With the serious work of the bands recent release of their second album Where Serpents Conquer now behind them, they can afford to kick back a little.

“We haven’t done this since 2011 when Adriano joined the band. His first show with us was also our first Megadeth tribute show. We’re very excited that we could get The Thunder Gods on board again too!” ~ Christopher Hall

The Thunder Gods consists mostly of members from melodic death metalers Mind Assault.

“We wish we could say that we’re celebrating an anniversary too but, mostly, we just thought it would be cool to chip some of the rust away and play some good ol’ Amon Amarth ‘treffers’ again. It was kind of a coincidence that when I called up Chris to throw the idea forward of another joint show in the future, they had also just begun rehearsing and their record label already booked a date. Clearly, Odin wills it!” ~ Patrick Davidson (guitars, Mind Assault/The Thunder Gods)

The Thunder Gods was created as an alias because it features two other musicians not otherwise known from other bands in the scene.

“Although The Thunder Gods consists mostly of us and rehearsals are in our band room, this is not truly Mind Assault. Myles, the lead guitarist in this project, is actually the stage manager from the M4A SummerFest and WinterFest shows. So most of the bands know him really well, but not as a co-musician. Tim, the vocalist, is the friendly branch manager from Paul Bothner Music in Somerset West where we buy all of our stuff. His first time doing vocals on stage was a guest with Mind Assault many years ago, which got us talking about doing this project.” ~ Patrick Davidson

Thunderdeth tribute show

Both bands remain a little elusive as to which exact songs will be included into their sets, but anybody who might have attended the previous show would have a good idea of what to expect. A facebook event page outlines further detail.

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