Till Terminus: ‘Material Dream’ single out today

Till Terminus 2017 press photo, Material Dream'

Johannesburg, South Africa: Till Terminus introduces us to its recorded story with the release of a debut single, ‘Material Dream’.

Exploring the Material Dream

This track addresses the theme of a common human predicament; getting trapped in the rat race and working our lives away for material gain, and often losing relationships and family along the way.

“It is about this guy who had worked his whole life, and given up all his family time, to get all these things which basically mean nothing. While he is dying in his bed he realizes that he missed out on all this stuff and he tried to get out of hospital. Before he gets out of the hospital he dies.” ~ Julian Cook (vocals/guitar, Till Terminus)

For those who have yet to see the band live, Till Terminus brings a diverse mix to the stage offering up something new as each track is performed. The band takes influence from multiple genres and explores multiple vocal styles. In spite of its sombre pitch, ‘Material Dream’ was chosen as the first release for its strong progressive elements; thus represents some of the switches which mark the bands sound whilst also being commercially accessible by a wider audience. The band also wants to draw some attention to the theme behind it.

“We wanted to create awareness among people because they get locked inside their boxes and forget themselves. Stop what you are doing; go spend time with your kids and follow your dreams.” ~ Julian Cook

“We are also trying to bring more people to the scene because we see the same faces all the time. We want to see some different faces.” ~ Henry Swartz (drums/bass, Till Terminus)

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Expect something a little different

Members of Till Terminus don face masks when they perform on stage, with the audience not always noticing when they switch up instruments during the set. Bass and drums swop positions for different tracks which adds to the diverse experiences the audience gets from each song.

“We try to bring the spontaneous side of music and, having us swop, switches the audience’s mind – two different feels, two different concepts.” ~ Solethu Madasa (bass/drums, Till Terminus)

The band mentions plans already in place for future releases, so keep your ears peeled. Following the release of ‘Material Dream’, there will be an EP followed by a concept album.

“The band has been around for a short time in the public eye. However, the bands own existence has been around for quite some time. The idea of the EP is to try give listeners an idea of things that were, things that are, and things that are going to be in terms of what the band is going through. So for the EP that is what we are going to show; the progression and history of the band. In terms of the album, there is a concept behind it, it will be a progression of one story as opposed to just a bunch of themes.” ~ Mosi H. Storm (Guitar/back vocal, Till Terminus)

“I would like people to get taken on a journey through it, from start to finish. And once the concept album is out they get taken through the full story of it.” ~ Julian Cook

Catch Till Terminus live on stage at Emalyth’s Halloween Horror at Rumours Rock City on 28 October 2017.

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