As Time Divides: Weightlessness offers insights to band

As Time Divides 2017 Weightlessness
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Cape Town, South Africa: As Time Divides arrived on the local scene with guns blazing in June. The band leaped on board with a string of live shows, plus released its debut single ‘Flatline’. This week, As Time Divides shares it’s second single ‘Weightlessness’ across all major platforms; and including as a free sampler on our M4A SummerFest’18 album.

Weightlessness and beyond: a band finding its musical soul

The single, ‘Weightlessness’, prepares listeners that much more for what is to come in due course. The band, still young in it’s development, has not committed to a promise on when future material will become available; rather using the current approach of developing its songwriting style organically towards a debut album.

“These tracks are definitely forming part of an album. I think this first album will be quite diverse in terms of sound, as we are a new band and still finding our exact style. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!” ~ Glenn Watling

As Time Divides is taking a cautious approach, aiming to make a hard impact when the timing is right. Glenn discussed some of the band ethos with us:

“We are excited for a full album release, but we are making sure all our tracks are up to standard before letting them go on the album. We don’t want to release stuff for the sake of releasing it. Rather, we want to release stuff that we would listen to, and to make music we can be proud of.” ~ Glenn Watling

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Weightlessness: to bear the burden, or not to?

With the band’s debut release of ‘Flatline’, the song arrived complete with a music video. The current single made its first appearance the sampler album for M4A SummerFest’18 along with other music from participating bands. We asked about the context of the title and lyrics, so as to get a better sense of who the band is that we’ll be seeing live in February:

“The song is challenging the belief that doing nothing truly is doing nothing. If you witness an injustice, and you do nothing to stop it, are you truly blameless? Can you really count yourself as innocent? ‘Goodness’ surely cannot just be ‘not doing bad things’; and surely action is required against the evils of this world.” ~ Glenn Watling

Not only are these lads shooting high in ambition for high quality music, but also are thought-provoking. Catch As Time Divides live at SummerFest’18 in Cape Town on 03 February, starting at 17h00. Also join the facebook event page for regular updates.

“we are so psyched to play SummerFest’18. It’s our first non-club gig and being on a bigger stage is such a rad privilege!” ~ Glenn Watling

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