To Revelate An Uprising

A new buzz-word is hitting hit the streets in Cape Town: Revelate. As in Revelate Entertainment! This is an as yet unproven, but promising looking, brand aiming to join the fight in opening windows of opportunity for fresh metal talent in the region. Teaming up with the other known force in this ongoing battle, Antonio and his team at Gandalfs/ROAR, the fellows at Revelate are confident they can offer a tidy package this coming Friday night (21 February 2014).

“Revelate Entertainment has a passion for helping the South African metal scene grow. Whether it be organizing shows, with the hopes of making use of alternative venues in the future for exciting events, helping more bands with management in the future, or even tracking bands in the new studio. Revelate Entertainment plans to expand itself to hosting international shows in the long-term as well. But for the moment, things are being kept sweet-and-easy to ensure first laying a solid foundation. Revelate also enjoys working with new bands on the scene, to help encourage long lasting friendships and smite any and all band politics right from the start. To help the scene is also to help each other.” ~ Travis Loukidis (Revelate Entertainment)

The launch event of the brand has aptly been titled as ‘Uprising’ and includes Thread Of Omen, Imperial Destruction, Animus Fall, and A Price On The Kings Head on the line-up. Entry to ROAR is a modest R30, and the Gandalfs floor will also be in full swing on the night, offering the usual silly drinks specials which have made the place beloved of students and the working-class alternative masses for well over a decade already. Although an additional R10 for entry (to Gandalfs), heavy punters will get their value back and more during happy hour (21h00-22h00) with:

  • 3x beers for R10
  • 3x shooters for R10
  • Double & Mix for R5
  • Jack or Tequila for R6

More information can be found at the official facebook event page.

Revelate Ent - Uprising

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