To The Stage invites Gauting to join The Massacre

The Massacre, To The Stage, Iron Tusk

To The Stage, sister organization to The Metalist, has been based primarily in Cape Town until now. As with The Metalist web platform – featuring mainly reviews on albums, photographic coverage of shows, and interviews with bands – which has expanded it’s footprint to include home city Cape Town and also Gauteng and other parts of the country; To The Stage is now seeking to captivate the imaginations of Gauteng rockers and metallers in the frontlines too.

To The Stage was always meant to be a touring show, never really fixed on one venue or location. The aim is to throw shows nationally, including all cities in SA, but obviously building up from the major ones at first. We also have a great team in Gauteng who would thrive on hosting events there with our combined ideals, using their knowledge from the Gauteng scene combined with ours within the Cape.” ~ Peter ‘Metalcore’ (event coordinator, To The Stage)

Featuring a power line-up of some of the most brutal metal bands on offer in Gauteng, To The Stage will host their first official concert in Johannesburg at Iron Tusk this Saturday, and have aptly titled it The Massacre. We were excited to see among older, more established names on the scene such as BloodBeast and Spectral Realm, a few newer bands and a great distribution of time slots to encourage getting people in early and keeping them headbanging until the end. With this in mind, we pursued a couple of the bands to hear more about expectations for the show.

We learned more about one of the newer names, and curiously discovered that two members also play for the mighty Spectral Realm! Despite having only begun gigging in October of 2014, sci-fantasy-themed Posthumous dates back to origins in 2009 with guitarists Callysta Van Niekerk and Estiaan Petzer (Estiaan also in Spectral Realm) having first having discovered a musical click together. They appear to be on a rapid rise in the extreme metal circles since finally taking to the gigging circuit.

“We generally receive positive feedback from friends and strangers after every show, which is good. Posthumous had a great show at the M.A.X Take a Stand benefit show at Wolmer in August, and are stoked to be playing this slot at The Massacre and are grateful for it.” ~ Andrew Wald (bass guitar, Posthumous and Spectral Realm)

We were also able to track down a spokesperson from Envious Despair who have recently returned from a trip to play in Botswana and are opening The Massacre show, and a member of the grizzly Gorous shared a brief word with us.

“Its going to be cool jamming with local SA bands again. We have gigged a couple of times with BloodBeast and Posthumous, with great feedback from fans at those shows. The other bands we have not yet had as much experience with, but overall, it should be a kick-ass and energetic night.” ~ Mike Barker (vocals/bass, Envious Despair)

“We are extremely excited for this show. It will be our biggest show to date and we feel much excitement to jam with the big boys of Gauteng. We shall see you all there!” ~ Vernon Eksteen (vocals, Gorous)

We concluded that all of these sound like very nice people, in stark contrast with the event title and distinct edginess of the music samples presented. We’re sure you’ll be in good hands, with the full line-up including in order of appearance: Envious Despair, Gorous, Spectral Realm, Surdus, Bloodbeast and Posthumous. Gauteng, for full details on the show, visit the official facebook event page.

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