Trasig: ‘Har itj nå for sæ læll derre’ out now

Har itj nå for sæ læll derre

Johannesburg, South Africa: Norwegian Black Metal solo project Trasig has released it’s second EP Har itj nå for sæ læll derre last night, featuring three tracks performed in their entirety by the artist who is also a well known session musician in his regular circles abroad.

As many of our readers will know, it is pure anathema against metal4africa policy to focus on content that is not somehow “of Africa” on this website. However, with this creation having been written, recorded and released from right here in Jozi, we feel that it is fair game. We caught up with the creative mind behind this project to discuss his presence in South Africa and Trasig, where all of the lyrics are written in a localized dialect of Norwegian from the Trøndelag region.

“There ain’t no English word for ‘Trasig’, but it basically is an expression for when things are generally bad over a period of time. The lyrical theme for this EP I don´t wanna go into; it should be up to the listener to understand it the way they want.” ~ Anfinn Halland (vocals/instrumentation, Trasig)

Anfinn relocated to South Africa for work obligations almost immediately after the release of Trasig‘s debut album Jammer og Nød in September 2016. Although he still sessions for bands based in his home region, the relocation has obviously freed up more time for focus on Trasig, which remains entirely Anfinn’s own channel of expression.

“In Trasig there is no collaborations. It is for me to express what I want in the way I feel it should be.” ~ Anfinn Halland

Bands with which Anfinn has done session work – primarily as vocalist and percussionist – include Stilk, Anfinnsaas, Holon, Kael and Keiser – all based in Norway and covering a variety of genres. He suggested an open willingness to do work with local musicians too, should any be interested, and has invited contact.

Har itj nå for sæ læll derre is available as of immediately via bandcamp, and will soon appear on Spotify, iTunes, and all other major distribution channels shortly where it will join the already widely available Jammer og Nød.

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