Trasig: ‘Sør​-​Afrikasessions’ album bridging hemispheres

Trasig 2017 Sør​-​Afrikasessions

Cape Town, South Africa: Norwegian musician, Anfinn Halland, releases his first full length album since arriving in South Africa. His project, Trasig, is styled as a Norwegian Black Metal outfit and remains deeply routed in his own cultural heritage as such. The latest release of Sør​-​Afrikasessions follows an earlier EP, Har itj nå for sæ læll derre, which includes and completes the collection.

Sør​-​Afrikasessions, a Norwegian reflection on South Africa

Sør​-​Afrikasessions, which translates to ‘South Africa Sessions’, is inspired by experiences and feelings from different locations in the country.

“I’ve been traveling around different regions of South Africa in the last year, recording songs wherever I can with whatever gear I had available at the time. The mood of the songs changes according to where I was at the moment, I guess”. ~ Anfinn Halland

Anfinn points out how a track like ‘Faen’ – a slower and drone-y tune – which was recorded in Hanover in the Northern Cape differs from the likes of ‘Har itj nå for sæ læll derre’, created amidst the bustle of Johannesburg life.

“So yeah, my presence in SA seeing the big differences in everything from nature to society have had a big influence on my creative flow. I recently came to Cape Town to finish the songs”. ~ Anfinn Halland

We’ve already learned from Anfinn before that he prefers to leave the interpretation of his work to the “Eye (or ear) of the Beholder”; yet we couldn’t help but to also query the artworks which accompany his releases, having noticed a pattern emerging:

“All my artwork is just as you said. Landscape-style pictures with some evidence of human-made influence on the landscape; like, a road, poles, fences, etc. There is no secret to these covers. Nature is beautiful, but then someone just had to go put up a barbed wire fence”. ~ Anfinn Halland

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