Treehouse Burning: ‘Ledger’ debut single

Treehouse Burning 2017 ledger

Cape Town, South Africa: the recent years’ wave of brutal studio projects to shake up South African shores has spread swiftly – and almost poetically – throughout the coastal cities in particular. With the emergence and subsequent success of Vulvodynia, which initially stemmed from a collaboration between musicians based in the coastal cities of Port Elizabeth and Durban, and who now are a fully-fledged live band soon to embark on a tour to Europe, the stakes are set high for the heavier creed of music makers in South Africa.

Yet what can be taken from the pioneering spirit of the worldwide-selling slam metal band is that where one has achieved, it is now known as possible by others and a new generation of young aspirant musicians are taking the proverbial bull by the horns. The latest of whom comprises of a collaboration on two Cape Town musicians, Jesse Kuhn and Nathan Schacht with their project Treehouse Burning. The band has recently released it’s first single ‘Ledger’, and includes guest vocals from Danny Bochkov of Irish metalcore band Follow My Lead.

“Me and Nathan have been working behind the scenes on music for around eight months now. We met last year through a few mutual friends and shortly afterwards I sent him a couple tracks I was working on. From the get-go our styles meshed very well and we had similar music taste and vision for the music we wanted to create. ‘Ledger’ was the first song we worked on together and went through month after month of changes. It was a long process of banging our heads against a wall until we ironed out all the kinks in the song, as neither of us wanted our first release to have any part of it in question.” ~ Jesse Kuhn (guitar, Treehouse Burning)

With the care and diligence spent on refining the writing, the lads took due care not to blow it all on shoddy production. Jesse explains how every detail was worked out, including the decisions surrounding the release, mixing and mastering, artworks, videos, distribution platforms and the full nine yards.

“We both agreed everything we want to do with this project should look, sound and feel professional and well thought-out. We’ve been the kids rocking out at the shows, watching the local guys do their thing for years. We’re both still so young and passionate about this, and that young energy is what is at the heart of Treehouse Burning.” ~ Jesse Kuhn

With the conviction behind the release of this first single, it seem plain to tell that Treehouse Burning will deliver some exiting things in the foreseeable future. Of course, as music lovers, our excitement for new things can seldom be so easily quelled as when denied the prospect of a live performance. We asked Jesse about this.

“We’re doing things a bit differently to how most bands here do it. Nine out of ten bands here play shows before releasing anything that people can experience outside of a live setting. We decided from the get-go that we wanted to be the opposite of that, having strong content before the first show. That way, there’s a name that people know and songs that people have heard, and it puts the pressure on us to deliver on that name in a live setting. In the next couple months you’ll start seeing member announcements on our social media pages and we’ll be practicing behind the scenes.” ~ Jesse Kuhn

In the meantime, ‘Ledger’ is doing the rounds. Artwork for the single was created by Cape Town local, Sherlic White, also known from The Alpha Sequence and Creating The Godform. The song was mixed and mastered at North South Recordings by Danny Bochkovs in Ireland – the one and same whose guest vocals feature on the song.

“I knew that I wanted a feature on our debut song from the get-go. Follow My Lead is a metalcore band I’ve been listening to for years now. I decided to wing it and message the vocalist of Follow My Lead, as I had a lot of confidence in the track. He loved it! For all the local guys: if you believe in your product, don’t be afraid to send it to people overseas and put money into it.” ~ Jesse Kuhn

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