Truth And Its Burden: Surfacing, single with lyric video


Johannesburg, South Africa: it’s hard to believe that two years have already passed since Truth And Its Burden lit up the listening ring with its third album, I Labour. We’re a little late, but today heard ‘Surfacing’, the latest single and lyric video from the Melodic Hardcore band, for the first time.

Surfacing: a tribute to the realities of depression.

Vocalist and key writer for the band Ashley de Beer never weaves any words without intense depths of meaning. His own description of the release is more than we could offer any more worthwhile commentary on:

“Surfacing’ was written as a homage and a spirit lifter to my wife who has been fighting depression for some time. I wanted to write to her: to send a message of love and to convey my feelings of love towards her. I’ll never understand what it’s like to be depressed but when you live with someone who suffers from it you start to develop an understanding. There’s still so much to grasp. I’ve been someone who’s always tried to be positive and dedicated to being a positive light in people’s lives: expressing this through thought and deed. Living this life has led me to think that most things are a mindset that can be changed. But depression is different: it’s not a mindset though.” ~ Ashley de Beer

Truth and its Burden 2019 by Duane Smith
Truth and its Burden: photograph by Duane Smith

A strongly encouraging message to those of us who know somebody who suffers from depression.

“There’s nothing stopping the rest of us though from caring, from loving, from supporting our loved ones indefinitely and unconditionally. There is nothing stopping us from carrying each other over the finish line. There’s nothing stopping us from speaking light and love into our dear one’s lives, encouraging each other. I don’t profess to have all the answers, in fact I don’t have many, if any, to this profound and widely misunderstood illness. My hope lies in the love we can share and express with those around us. In how we educate each other around these topics and in creating environments that are open to people sharing their stories without fear of judgment.” ~ Ashley De Beer

Apart from this new release, Truth And Its Burden maintains a low profile on the gigging circuit at the present time; although fans in Gauteng can expect a mammoth show at this year’s Halloween 2019 (in affiliation with the renewed RAMfest brand) extravaganza on 24 October in Pretoria. The show includes fellow Hardcore/Metal act Facing The Gallows, prog metallers Red Helen and an abundance of other rock-oriented bands. Visit the facebook event page for full details.

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