Truth And Its Burden: ‘Dead To The World’ lyric video

Truth And Its Burden 2017 press photo

Johannesburg, South Africa: hardcore band, Truth And Its Burden, has released its first lyric video and single from the forthcoming I Labour album. The arrival of I Labour signifies the end of a period of writing hiatus for the band following its previous Choices album in 2012. ‘Dead To The World’ offers a tasty hint as to how the band has developed since getting back into action.

Earlier Discography

Truth And Its Burden established itself in 2007, thereafter releasing its debut album Sending The Hope Home in October of 2009. The following year, Truth And Its Burden found itself touring Europe. After stirring a great deal of interest abroad, the band released a second album in 2012 with Choices. Choices was printed and released via international Rite Of Passage Records, and prompted further touring in Europe and the USA.

Upon returning home, the band had its first encounter working with Clinton Watts which would start a professional relationship. Truth And Its Burden released ‘Brick To Bone’ as a single in 2013. This cemented the recording of its next album at Watts Productions. However, not before releasing a live recorded EP in 2014 titled Reset/Renew (recorded by Brandon Pratt of Red Helen).

‘I Labour’ Live Launch Shows

Truth And Its Burden will launch I Labour live at Rumours Rock City in Johannesburg on Friday 14 July. The band will follow immediately to Durban for another live launch on 15 July at The Winston, thereafter heading to Cape Town for a belated launch on 4 August at ROAR Live. For full details, visit the respective official facebook event pages for launch shows at Rumours Rock City, The Winston Pub and ROAR Live.

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