Two new members for Junkyard Lipstick in 2015

Junkyard Lipstick press photo Jan 2015

Angry women appear to be increasing in number! But this is good, because they’re picking up instruments and pounding out some tunes. Junkyard Lipstick announced today that they are now officially a five-piece band, having added a second guitarist along with the unveiling of their new vocalist.

The new front lady sees Jo-Marié (Jo) Smit fitting the profile, bringing an edgier attack to the mix, and Robyn Bruwer as Rhythm Guitarist to compliment long time axe-lady Louise Gorman on lead. Jo-Marié has been training with George Schoombee (ex-Bulletscript, ex-Warinsane) since December 2014 and the band is excited about the heavier aspect she will be adding to the band’s music.

“Metal has always been part of my life, so much so that it became my way of life. I’ve always said metal is not a genre, it’s a lifestyle. Joining Junkyard Lipstick is an honour and a privilege. Not only do I get to live my dream and carry the flag, I now work with four insanely hot and incredibly talented women! I am proud to be part of such a unique group and may I add – boys – I hope you are ready for what’s to come!” ~ Jo (vocals, Junyard Lipstick)

With a second guitarist, the band are also thrilled about the possibilities which will be opened up musically, especially for a heavier, fuller sound, and adding harmonies. Robyn Bruwer previously played guitar for alternative rock band The Sin but has always had more of an interest in playing metal.

“I’ve always been a fan of Junkyard Lipstick, especially over the last two years since I’ve seen how they have progressed and become heavier. As soon as I heard they were interested in having a second guitarist, I had to jump at the opportunity.” ~ Robyn (guitar, Junkyard Lipstick)

Upcoming Confirmed Performances

The band are looking to fill their year with many exciting highlights, with many possibilities already in the pipeline, chief of which is their appearance scheduled at Witchfest Open Air 2015.

“We are excited that we’ve secured a great line up with enough time to get ourselves in top form for Witchdoctor Productions’ Witchfest over Easter weekend this year. This is the biggest show we will play in our career as a band so far and we cannot express our gratitude enough for this amazing opportunity.” ~ Lucinda (drums, Junkyard Lipstick)

Junkyard Lipstick will be playing Witchfest Open Air 2015 on Friday, 3 April at 14:30. The festival line-up includes some of South African Metal’s greatest plus international heavy weights Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Epica, Hatebreed, Kataklysm, Alestorm and many more.

You can catch the band for the first gig with their new line up on Friday, 27 February 2015 at Banned Rock Lounge, Tableview alongside rockers, The Summer Underground and fellow thrashers ING (Infiltrate. Neutralize. Govern). The proceeds of this gig will help fund all three bands’ travelling costs to Witchfest Open Air 2015.

Check out the bands latest single ‘Damned in the Deep South’ featuring Jo on vocals, and join their facebook page for regular updates.

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