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The UnScene Productions

Begun in the format and spirit of a non-profit organisation, much like our own brand at metal4africa, The UnScene Productions (or The UnScene in short) is a name which popped up on the Cape Town metal radar in 2014. Driven by live music and metal enthusiast Zain Domo, and operating primarily at and with the support of Antonio Manuel of ROAR live music venue, The UnScene began with hosting events which cater for low-cost entry; sometimes even free.

“At some point in 2013/2014 we looked around and saw that most bands or underground organizations were rapidly starting to disappear or just become inactive for one reason or another. Gaps started to emerge and weeks would pass without any quality live music events on display.” ~ Zain Domo (The UnScene Productions)

Zain then gathered what few contacts he had, and his corporate background, to be used in a positive way. By adding a fun and positive spin to his advertising and shows, Zain and The UnScene began creating some exciting gig opportunities.

“Over the last few months The Unscene has grown from just another cute idea into a name with a bit more focus and direction, as well as adapting a vision for the future of Cape Town’s alternative community that can only add to the now blossoming SA music scene.” ~ Zain Domo

In 2015, Zain and his brand identified the importance of also allowing inclusiveness of all-ages into shows, with special focus on seeking to attract new faces to events. It was this trait which specifically caught our attention. We wanted to hear from Zain why the focus on all-age shows?

“Well, at first just doing a gig was what I set out to do, but it just so happened that at around the same time, other major organizations and festivals were starting to pop up and they were really feeding the desires of the average gig goer. But I still saw that at the grassroots levels of the scene, there was a major hole which used to be filled by the younger kids and the stream of new faces. Over the years though, this trend had declined, leaving a lot of talented bands with only a small pool of audiences to perform to… but I also saw a greater opportunity in this decline to positively contribute to the Cape Town alternative community. So today, The Unscene Productions is a brand that seeks to organize and promote alternative and heavy metal events in a smart and relevant way; always targeting new faces while seeking to find innovative ways of attracting the old faithful regulars as well. Building the scene is what its all really about, and we want to contribute in anyway possible.” ~ Zain Domo

Coming up from The UnScene includes two nights of Fresh Blood at ROAR with Friday 29 (alternative rock focus) and Saturday 30 May (metal focus), which are free entry shows featuring some of the newest bands that Cape Town has to offer; and on Saturday 27 June will be the second all-ages show hosted by The UnScene, 18 Till I Die. Links to facebook event pages below.
The Fresh Blood shows will feature newer names in local music such as The Insomniac Diaries, Fuera and I Became Nothing.
The all ages venture will include some of the more established names in the scene such as Terminatryx, Bulletscript, With Dawn, and up-comers Ohgod, Conduit, DevilSpeak and No.15, along with some cool prize giveaways; the details of which are yet to be revealed on the event page.

29 May 2015 – Fresh Blood
30 May 2015 – Fresh Blood
27 June 2015 – 18 Till I Die
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