Urban Vitamin: ‘Ekphrasis’ album art, release date

Urban Vitamin 2017 Ekphrasis ulbum cover

Pretoria, South Africa: alternative metal band Urban Vitamin has recently unveiled the artwork for the album Ekphrasis which will follow up the band’s 2010 The First Time Hurts the Most album and 2013 Agent Provocateur EP on 03 February 2017. Today, we look at the anticipated track list for Ekphrasis and mine a little info from a band member as to find out more about about the conceptual creativity behind the new album.

“The artwork was created by our very own bass guitarist, Cicero Carstens. As an abstract artist/painter he grabbed at the opportunity to paint the artwork for Ekphrasis.” ~ Ricky Dunningham (drums, Urban Vitamin)

Ricky also explains how the theme of the album was inspired by former drummer Rick who, in spite of living abroad in order to complete his studies, remains involved with the active band as a creative contributor. Rick came up with the idea to base the songs around the Greek desciption ‘Ekphrasis’.

“Our rough interpretation of Ekphrasis is that it describes an artwork through another art form. Rick, who is our lyricist, drew inspiration from paintings, poems and other forms of art and wrote about it.” ~ Ricky Dunningham

Rick had deliberately left out the sources of his inspiration, only providing Cicero with the final poems to transform into an artwork. Cicero took full control of the colour schemes, shapes and imagery, which was all based upon his form of synesthesia when connecting the lyrics and music together. Ricky describes the artwork itself as being a painting which was photographed under the proper lighting before being rendered into the digital realm by vocalist Cobus.

More artworks by Cicero Carstens can be viewed at his own website.

Album track listing for Ekphrasis:

1. ‘A Void Panoramic’
2. ‘Hate For First Things’
3. ‘Metempsychose, Slow’ [Interlude]
4. ‘Contagion, And So On’
5. ‘A Bloodless Ballet’
6. ‘Simony’ [Interlude]
7. ‘Ghost-note Arcade’

Ekphrasis will be released formally on Friday 03 February. Updates to follow.

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Ghost-note Arcade

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Posted by Urban Vitamin on Thursday, January 12, 2017