V.O.D: 1996 ‘Bloedrivier’ re-released, vinyl format

Bloedrivier vinyl on dark background

Cape Town, South Africa: signalling the 21st anniversary of this landmark album in South African Metal history, V.O.D.‘s 1996 Bloedrivier is available on vinyl today.

Bloedrivier was recorded at the legendary Academy Studios in Yorkshire, England; also frequented at the time by leaders in dark and heavy music such as Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride and Cradle Of Filth.

V.O.D found itself in the UK as South Africa’s first ever Metal export, touring Europe with Sweden’s Katatonia and Norway’s In The Woods. The band reunited for a South African tour in 2009, featuring all members from the Bloedrivier line-up including from abroad.

Bloedrivier vinyl re-release

In the “unboxing” video, V.O.D drummer and executive producer Paul Blom is joined by co-executive producer and vinyl enthusiast Graham Lennox; where he tells a little about the history of Bloedriver and how it came about that it is now available on vinyl.

This red 12″ vinyl LP is limited to only 242 copies. Place orders directly via the V.O.D facebook page, or from distributors such as Subterania Music, Raru and various others.

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