Video Interview: Emalyth’s Sashquita Northey

Sashquita Northey EmalythEmalyth is a brand which has been operating in the Gauteng area (and nationally when on tour) since around 2009, focusing on the alternative arts which includes, obviously, a lot of South African (and more) heavy metal.

Recently, Sashquita Northey, who is the brain and muscle behind the operation, was interviewed by Heart-Beats which is a locally based youtube channel (see it here) dedicated to exploring all sorts of music-related culture and the people behind it. The interview totals on a little more than twenty minutes has been broken into two parts. We’ve included both below, plus a third video snippet. The interview features some great local metal and alternative band’s music and Sashquita offers some very interesting insights into how she goes about her operations with Emalyth and in managing two prominent bands, Boargazm and Raptorbaby. Part II is particularly informative if bands would like to get a better sense for what makes an event promoter tick. Of course, there is much focus on the annual Emalyth Arts Expo, beloved by many a Gauteng metalhead, and is well worth checking out if you have not been to one before.

Interview with Sashquita Northey by Mijaelle Dewart of Heart-Beats: Part I

Interview with Sashquita Northey by Mijaelle Dewart of Heart-Beats: Part II

Also check out this cool video compiled by Perception Entertainment which takes a closer look at the Emalyth Arts Expo event. Next one is coming up on the weekend of 29-31 January at Wolmer Bush Lounge near Pretoria. The official facebook event page can be found here.

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