Vulvodynia arrive in Cape Town for tour

Vulvodynia press pic

Cape Town, South Africa: Durban/Johannesburg based slam metal band Vulvodynia have made an impact in the extreme music scenes of some far corners of the world with their rapid succession of releases since first emerging in 2014 with their debut EP Lord Of Plagues. Famed for unrelenting brutality and compelling artworks, the band have since released two full length albums with Cognizant Castigation in 2014 and Finis Omnium Ignorantiam in 2015 among other release projects. Initially a studio band, it was only more recently in 2015 that the band had formed up a live line-up to begin tearing at stages around the country, and this week is their first time visiting Cape Town for their Mother City Murder Tour hosted by To The Stage.

“This is the first tour Vulvodynia is embarking on and we are beyond excited to showcase our new and improved set list with our new drummer. Cape Town is definitely one of the most contrasted cities in South Africa. On the one hand you have some of the most beautiful places and scenery out there, where on the other hand there is some of the most brutal, filthiest areas in SA. Being here is like being reborn through a syphilitic vulvodynia-ridden vagina. We’re ready to manifest all that embodies Slamming Brutal Death Metal in Cape Town and throw it into the faces of the fans who attend our shows this week.” ~ Duncan Bentley (vocals, Vulvodynia)

With new live drummer and scene veteran Thomas Hughes in tow (Haggis and Bong, Fuzigish, All Forlorn), the tour kicks off tonight in Bellville and continues from Thursday through Saturday at various venues around the greater Cape Town area, detailed below:

Tuesday 05 April @ Ellingtons Saloon, Bellville
Also featuring: Fuera, Set For The Sky and Khemical Krypt

Thursday 07 April @ The Rabbit Hole, Durbanville
Also featuring: Devilspeak and The Alpha Sequence

Friday 08 April @ ROAR, Observatory
Also featuring: Mind Assault and Ohgod

Saturday 09 April @ Mercury Live, Cape Town
Also featuring: Moment Of Clarity, Nebula Disrupt and Subject To Slaughter

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