Vulvodynia: depart for first European tour today

Vulvodynia 2017 press pic

Cape Town, South Africa: having taken the world of brutal and slam metal by storm, South Africa’s Vulvodynia departs from its homeland today on its first international tour. The band will work its way through huge swathes of Europe over three weeks, including visits to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands on a tour hosted by Vulvodynia‘s label Lacerated Enemy Records. The tour will be accompanied by Stillbirth and Obsolete Incarnation, both from Germany.

“Leaving Africa for the first time tomorrow to start off this tour with my best pals. I’m so proud of how far Vulvodynia has come! Things can only get bigger from here.” ~ Duncan Bentley (vocals, Vulvodynia)

Vulvodynia 2017 European tour

Initially a studio project only, begun between members spread across two cities in 2014, Vulvodynia has released numerous recordings to international audiences in its relatively short lifespan. The band emerged on the live circuit in Durban in 2015 and rapidly built a top class performing line-up by 2016 where it competed as a national finalist in the South African leg of the Wacken Metal Battle. Having supported USA’s DevilDriver at Witchfest in South Africa earlier in April, the lads are primed and ready to take on the European tour.

27.4 Germany – Oberhausen
28.4 Germany – Osnabrueck
29.4 Germany – Munich
30.4 Austria – Vienna
01.5 Slovakia – Trnava
02.5 Poland – Krakow
03.5 Czech Rep – Brno
04.5 Czech Rep – Prague
05.5 Germany – Leipzig
05.6 Netherlands – Geleen
05.7 Belgium – Peer
05.8 France – Paris
05.9 France – TBA
05.10 Italy – Milano
05.11 France – Lyon
05.12 Switzerland – Zug
05.13 Germany – Ahrensburg
05.14 Poland – Szczecin

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