Vulvodynia ‘Finis Omnium Ignorantiam’ out today

Vulvodynia press photo 2015

South African brutal death metal with a dash of slam! Or a ‘dash your fukken skull into a pit of vomit’? We cannot tell you precisely from which city the band hails, since it’s members manage to defy geography; but it seems that the writing nucleus is spread out over a whopping 900km between the coastal cities of both Durban and Port Elizabeth, with the performing members (including recruited performers) based in Durban. For all intents and purposes, lets call Vulvodynia a Durban band, and today they have released their third studio offering Finis Omnium Ignorantiam.

Finis Omnium Ignorantiam Vulvodynia

Begun only in 2014, the band was started simply as a two-man studio project. At the time, Luke Haarhoff was based in Durban and fellow writer Duncan Bentley in Johannesburg. The two had never met in person. Nonetheless, an EP titled Lord Of Plagues materialized on 10 May 2014 and a full length debut followed up rapidly in the same year when Cognizant Castigation appeared to the public on 31 October.

Lord Of Plagues was a demo EP that our guitarist Luke wrote and recorded at Byron Dunwoody – who became our second guitarist and has produced all of our albums. The EP got a bit of recognition in the US and we were contacted by a distributor called Brutal Gear. They proposed to print 100 hard copies to sell in their store, which sold out fast and were later picked up by our current label Vicious Instinct Records. They gave us a great deal on hard copies and merch, so we decided to release Cognizant Castigation through them” ~ Duncan Bentley (vocals, Vulvodynia)

Today’s full length release, Finis Omnium Ignorantiam, also via Vicious Instinct Records also heralds a move by the band towards the live performance arena, with shows lining up fast. With parts of the band being spread so far apart, however, logistics is proving a great challenge.

“I’ve moved to Port Elizabeth since, so I’m there with our current drummer. We’ve been receiving gig offers even internationally so it was decided to bring in our drummer Dave Mills, bassist Kris Xenopoulos, and a third guitarist with Matt Mader. We’ve been practicing our asses off and things are sounding really tight!” ~ Duncan Bentley

We had to also acknowledge the fantastic artwork on both albums by Volvudynia and squeeze out the question: Where does it come from?

“The artwork for Cognizant Castigation and Finis Omnium Ignorantiam are done by an amazing artist named Mark Cooper. We fell in love with his work after seeing the covers he’s done for bands like Rings Of Saturn, Symbolik and Torturous Inception. It seemed like a worthwhile investment” ~ Duncan Bentley

Amidst the upcoming live performances, Vulvodynia will also be appearing at Witchdoctor ProductionsJohannesburg Deathfest 2015 in Gauteng later this year, along with international metal band Skinned who are returning after appearing at Witchfest in March. See full details at the official facebook event page.

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