Wacken Metal Battle 2019: winners

Wacken Metal Battle 2019

Wacken, Germany: what a monumental experience. At www.metal4africa.com we often write about Wacken Open Air and the affiliated Wacken Metal Battle, and now M4A has seen it at “the promised land” first hand. This truly is an international meeting place of the greatest proportions. And the Battle isn’t easy. Not for anybody!

And for South Africa’s fifth year of participation, we did not bring home another win as we did in 2016. However, South Africa is well represented and the international jury (consisting of approximately sixty jurors) is buzzing with talk about the high caliber of our bands. This is in itself an achievement. Our time here is not wasted! We’ve also handed out dozens of compilation CDs sporting South African metal.

Facing The Gallows

Facing The Gallows performed a potent set to a near full house as the opening band on Thursday; the second of three days of battle. Many South Africans joined the live stream to witness the performance in real time.

A German label representative approached the band immediately after performance. In spite of not winning the contest, Facing The Gallows still made its mark on Germany.

Tomorrow, Facing The Gallows will join Jinjer for two further German tour dates before heading home to South Africa.

Congratulations to Varang Nord

Varang Nord, from Latvia, took the first prize. Varang Nord plays a lively folk metal style with multi-instrumentalists and the spirit to keep a full house bouncing throughout.

Four runner-up bands were also given prizes.

Archaic, a thrash metal band from Hungary consists of well-established members in the scene and is ready to take its existence to the next level. Whilst keeping keep hard and heavy, Archaic also offers some moments of unforgettable vocal dynamism.

Drunken Buddha from Spain merges the realms of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock! A compelling live performance act with catchy songs and charisma for days.

Chumatskyi Shlyah members from the Ukraine might be fired up by their countrymen in Jinjer which is making waves worldwide as of recently? Chumatskyi Shlyah is beginning to cast a shadow of its own, playing Alternative Folk Metal.

In fifth place, Vane brings a picturesque stage presence to life, bringing together the worlds of Death Metal and good old fashioned piracy.

Wacken Foundation

Wacken Open Air welcomed all promoters to a press conference where the message and idea behind the Wacken Metal Battle was reinforced. The goal remains to secure the future of the Metal genre/s worldwide, and to provide a platform where younger bands can reach for their aspirations and learn whilst doing so.

The Wacken Foundation is funded by sponsors from around the world, corporate and private, who share this objective.