Wacken Metal Battle: Cape Town – Good luck!

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Cape Town, South Africa: for this nation’s third time participating in the global Wacken Metal Battle, tonight marks the beginning of a second round of heats extending into the rest of the weekend for Cape Town and nearby Stellenbosch. The battle kicked off in Durban last weekend with two bands tied to join the finals in Johannesburg next month, being Desolation and Vulvodynia.

At least three bands will be added to that list by the end of the weekend, with five bands taking part per night of battle. Participating between Cape Town and Stellenbosch this weekend are included (A-Z): A Price On The King’s Head, Atlantic South, Beeldenstorm, Bulletscript, Devilspeak, Fuera, Junkyard Lipstick, Nebula Disrupt, Red Tape Rebellion, Subject To Slaughter, The Alpha Sequence, The Fallen Prophets, Thread Of Omen, With Dawn, and Zombies Ate My Girlfriend.

We were able to reach three of the bands for a little pre-battle commentary to try and gauge the spirit of the event and it’s participants. The atmosphere seems much the same as it did in Durban last week, representing a positive outlook regardless of what the outcome might be. Bands we were able to reach at the time of going to press said:

“We are extremely stoked to be a part of this amazing initiative. It really gives South African bands an opportunity to show the rest of the world what we are made of. A lot of these guys we know on a personal basis and are our friends and wish them all the best of luck heading into the heat stages. We always try to put on the best possible show we can, battle or no battle. We would like to thank everyone who made this possible.” ~ Gareth Howard (guitar, Atlantic South)

“We’re really excited to be part of this years battle. It’s going to be a great party. South Africa has some really amazing bands, and to be included to take part in this event really is an honour. We wish all the participants the best of luck. Metalheads! Don’t miss out on these events. This is your chance to help get a local act to play Wacken. How amaing is that? So grab a Jager or five and join the party!” ~ Louis Gorman (guitar, Junkyard Lipstick)

“We look forward to representing the more extreme side of the metal spectrum at the ROAR leg of the Wacken Metal Battle. Expect a no-holds-barred representation of our blackened sound, aiming not to compete, but rather to make our presence in the underground of the local metal scene known to a slightly wider audience.” ~ ‘Teëstander’ (bass, Nebula Disrupt)

To them all, we at M4A say: Good luck!

Completed Heats

Durban – Saturday 23 May, at The Winston Pub
Finalists: Desolation and Vulvodynia

Future heats, dates/cities:

Cape Town – Thursday 28 April, at ROAR, Observatory
Cape Town – Friday 29 April, at The Rabbit Hole, Durbanville
Stellenbosch – Saturday 30 April, at Aandklas, Du Toit Street
Johannesburg – Thursday 5 May, at Rumours Lounge, Roodepoort
Johannesburg – Friday 6 May, at Sundowners, Alberton
Pretoria – Saturday 7 May, at Wolmer Bush Lounge, Wolmer

South African Finals:

Johannesburg – Saturday 28 May, at Rumours Lounge, Roodepoort

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