Wacken Metal Battle: Gauteng – Good luck!

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Johannesburg, South Africa: this weekend will see the conclusion of preliminary rounds for this nation’s third time participating in the global Wacken Metal Battle. With these battle heats along the coastal regions of Durban and Cape Town completed, the action focuses on the inland cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria before the South African finals in Johannesburg on 28 May.

Finalists from other regions so far include Desolation and Vulvodynia from Durban, plus Bulletscript, Fuera, and Zombies Ate My Girlfriend from Cape Town. Bands who will be participating in this weekend’s battle are: Aimed at You, Arx, Bloodbeast, Bombs And Issues, Envious Despair, Gunship, Hokum, Killatoria, Legions Ablaze, Lesuth, Mad God, My Columbine, Nerve Zero, Octainium, Spectral Realm, Surdus, Riddlebreak, and Titan; making this weekend’s heats the most daunting rounds of battle yet! We were able to reach a couple of the bands participating in tonight’s heat before going to press:

Arx are extremely honored to have been selected to compete in the Joburg leg of the Wacken Metal Battle 2016. Wacken Open Air is ultimately what every band in the world strives to play at least once and it would just be a dream come true for most, including us.
We are also glad that we can bring forth some fresh South African Thrash Metal to the fray, tonight we will put everything that we have into our set and we will hope that we get through to the finals.
Ultimately, win or lose, this forum allows South Africa to showcase our unique metal talent to the rest of the world and as a country we definitely have a lot of hidden metal talent to show.
Tonight is the night, we’re ready to play our hearts out and drink some Jagers, see you all there!” ~ Yuri Zager (vocals, Arx)

“Considering we are the new kids on the scene, we are really so honoured to have been considered for this initiative. With having the Durban and Cape Town heats already done and giving the country a real show of what amazing acts are out there, we really are looking forward to having a rocking gig with South African legends such as Hokum, Octanium, Surdus and Legions Ablaze. The Wacken Metal Battle and Wacken Open Air itself is something special to us as a band. This a huge step in the right direction for Aimed at You. We have been placed among a list of greats, and we are excited to see one of SA’s best go to Germany this year. Best of luck to all of us who still have our heats, and a big heartfelt congratulations from us to all the finalists that have made it through so far! No matter what the outcome of tonight’s heat Aimed at You will see you all at the Finals on the 28th May.” ~ Sam Bushell (vocals, Aimed at You)

To them all, we at M4A say: Good luck!

Completed Heats

Durban – Saturday 23 May, at The Winston Pub
Finalists: Desolation and Vulvodynia

Cape Town – Thursday 28 April, at ROAR, Observatory
Finalist: Bulletscript

Cape Town – Friday 29 April, at The Rabbit Hole, Durbanville
Finalist: Zombies Ate My Girlfriend

Stellenbosch – Saturday 30 April, at Aandklas, Du Toit Street
Finalist: Fuera

Future heats, dates/cities:

Johannesburg – Thursday 5 May, at Rumours Lounge, Roodepoort
Johannesburg – Friday 6 May, at Sundowners, Alberton
Pretoria – Saturday 7 May, at Wolmer Bush Lounge, Wolmer

South African Finals:

Johannesburg – Saturday 28 May, at Rumours Lounge, Roodepoort

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