Wacken Metal Battle SA: Megalodon to represent SA

Megalodon 2017 by Schutte
Megalodon live at Wacken Metal Battle 2017: Image courtesy of Schutte & The Metalist

Johannesburg, South Africa: the fourth year of South Africa’s participation in the international Wacken Metal Battle has concluded it’s national finals in Johannesburg this weekend with Cape Town’s Megalodon as victors.

Nine bands took part in the finals, whittled down from forty-eight initial participants across the regional heats. In the running order of Reverse The Sands (CT), The Overmind (KZN), PSordid (JHB), Megalodon (CT), Spectral Realm (JHB), Maximum Carnage (PTA), My Columbine (PTA), Ohgod (CT) and Only Forever (JHB) keep headbangers enthralled for six spectacular hours. The South African finalist to represent that country at the international finals was declared at 00h30 to loud applause.

This year is Megalodon‘s second attempt at the competition. The band took part during South Africa’s first time participating in the international battle in 2013, also making it to the South African finals in that year before falling out of the competition. In 2017 the band has returned with a vengeance and great determination, and with the apparent support of the public as proven by the crowd chant following Megalodon‘s performance.

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