Wacken Metal Battle: SA regional finalists

Wacken Metal Battle M4A 780x506 finals

Johannesburg, South Africa: ‘The City of Gold’ and national economic hub again plays host to the Wacken Metal Battle South Africa national finals in 2017, coming up on Saturday 06 May. With the last of the regional heats having concluded this passed weekend, the South African regional finalists who will come together include:

From Cape Town – Megalodon, Ohgod and Reverse The Sands

From Durban – The Overmind

From Gauteng – Maximum Carnage, My Columbine, Only Forever, PSordid and Spectral Realm

Two bands who will face each other again from a previous finals in 2013 are Megalodon and Spectral Realm. The other bands are all first-time regional finalists with the exception of Maximum Carnage who were a regional finalist in 2014.

This ultimate showdown will unfold at Rumours Rock City in Cresta, North of Johannesburg, on 06 May where one band will be chosen by a panel of judges to represent all of South African metal in Germany at the massive Wacken Open Air 2017 festival.

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