Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa – 2014 Contenders Announced

Wacken Battle 2014

In 2013, South African metal bands were invited for the first time ever to participate in the global Wacken Metal Battle.  This is an international contest tied directly to the worlds “Metal Mecca”; the most renowned festival of heavy music: Wacken Open Air!  The Metal Battle takes entries from as many as thirty countries from virtually all continents, where each participating nation sends their top finalist to compete at the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany.  South Africa’s 2013 representatives were Cape Town based thrash metallers, Infanteria. They finished up within the top seven, placing South Africa in the upper echelons of the competition. Who will be next?

The Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa facilitators are MK Ondergrond and they did a sterling job last year, organizing a series of heats in South Africa’s largest urban centers of Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban (Pietermaritzburg), making South African coverage one of the most extensive of the competition on national level, processing more than thirty bands. Appearing at the national finals in 2013 were: SacriFist (GAU), Infanteria (WC), Theater Runs Red (KZN), Megalodon (WC), Facing The Gallows (GAU), Haggis and Bong (GAU), Bleeding Spawn (MPU) and Zombies Ate My Girlfriend (WC). Cape Town’s Strident also made it to finals, but had to withdraw owning to circumstantial reasons.

The bands participating in 2014 include:


Thursday, 12 June 2014 – Zeplins (1 Stage, 5 bands, 1 band advances)
Friday, 13 June 2014 – Sundowners (1 Stage, 5 bands, 1 band advances)
Saturday, 14 June 2014 – Rumours Lounge (2 Stages, 10 Bands, 2 bands advance)
Sunday (Monday Public Holiday), 15 June 2014 – Rumours Lounge (2 Stages, 10 Bands, 2 bands advance)

1. Red Helen
2. Bile of Man
3. Bloodbeast
4. Demogoroth Satanum
5. Displeased Disfigurement
6. Divine Plague
7. Carnage Carnival
8. Inceria
9. Legions Ablaze
10. Maximum Carnage
11. Saints Method
12. Scroll of Thoth
13. Surdus
14. Tamla Kahn
15. Tenere
16. Hokum
17. Beseech the Enemy
18. Death Pegasus
19. Victim of Arson
20. Conchuda
21. Because of Betrayal
22. Divine Affliction
23. If This is Forever
24. Octanium
25. Mudd Pony


Friday, 6 June 2014 – ROAR (1 Stage, 5 bands, 1 band advances)
Saturday, 7 June 2014 – Klein Libertas Theater (2 Stages, 10 Bands, 2 bands advance)

1. All Guns Full Ammo
2. Arc Reactor
3. Four A Penny
4. Imperial Destruction
5. Junkyard Lipstick
6. Messiah Complex
7. Moment of Clarity
8. Strident
9. Suiderbees
10. The Cake is a Lie
11. Wargrave
12. With Dawn
13. Forgive us Not
14. Mezzanine Floor
15. The Fallen Prophets


Saturday, 28 June 2014 – Rumours Lounge (2 Stages, 9 Finalists, 3 Guest Bands, 1 winner)

For more information on the contest, follow the MK Ondergrond facebook page and the affiliated event pages.

To all the bands involved, we at M4A wish you all the best; go put your heaviest foot forward!

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