Wacken Metal-Battle: South Africa

It’s finally here! The “Mecca” of global metal has noticed that there is a movement on the southern tip of the Dark Continent worthy of recognition and it has thrown open the doors of its temple, inviting us in. We’re talking about Wacken Open Air, the world’s biggest festival of heavy metal which takes place every August in northern Germany. It is no thanks to the hard work of MK Ondergrond that this has come to light, with Louis, creator of the television program, having traveled to Wacken to distribute free compilations showcasing what South African metal has to offer. What many South Africans have not been aware of up until recently is that Wacken and Nuclear Blast have been running a world-wide competition since 2004 known as “Metal Battle”. In just shy of a decade, Metal Battle has exploded into an international feature which includes representative bands from no less than 30 countries from every region of the globe – especially now that Africa is also listed amongst the ranks!

In 2012, MK Ondergrond initiated a round of submissions and with the preliminary knock-outs out of the way, it’s off to the stages of South Africa to find that band which will go ahead to compete against top choices from other nations and to represent our home country in 2013. A series of competitive heats have been announced for the known epicenters of South African metal (Gauteng, Kwazulu Natal, and the Western Cape regions) with a finals round to be announced for late June / early July in Gauteng. We’re very pleased to see that an incredibly wide selection of bands have been accepted, covering just about every sub-genre imaginable; further proof that South Africa has got the diversity to stand tall among even the most staunch of metal-producing nations. But let this be no illusion to the fact that competition will be tough! Bands must first win though a series of regional heats, proving that they are the strongest contender to represent South African metal among their peers. Finalists will then have to slug it out against the top selections in the country and then, only then, will one band venture forth to Germany and stand against the best from all over the world!

For more information on the Metal Battle worldwide, visit the official website.

For dates, venues, and participating bands for the Wacken Metal Battle: South Africa, visit the official Facebook event.

To see what MK Ondergrond television show is all about, visit their official Facebook page.

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