Wargrave: a ‘farewell’ parting gift

Cape Town, South Africa: thrash metal band Wargrave has announced it’s disbanding after six years on the scene, which includes the release of a strong contestant in the 2016 South African Metal Music Awards with their nominated full length album Suffering The Void which was proclaimed as ‘runner up’ in the category of Best Metal Album of 2015.

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce the end of Wargrave. It has been one hell of a ride but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. As you have probably noticed, we have been very quiet for the past year or so. We would have loved to tour and promote Suffering the Void a bit more but, it became increasingly difficult working around everyone’s schedule. We have all come to the decision to end the band rather than just let it fade away.” ~ Heinrich Kollner (vocals, Wargrave)

Many members of the band are active in other facets of the South African music industry, be it as active participants in other bands or production/engineering. As a farewell, Wargrave has released two recently recorded cover songs, including Metallica‘s ‘Disposable Heroes’ and released just today, ‘Swim’ by In Flames. These songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Heinrich Kollner.

“Thanks to everyone who has supported or helped us in any way over the years. It was a truly awesome and unforgettable experience! We leave you with this parting gift.” ~ Heinrich Kollner

Regrettably, this also confirms the removal of Wargrave from the Witchfest 2017 line-up which also features USA’s DevilDriver and other local and international acts; a fact which signifies no future shows for the band. However, it seems that the band members felt stepping aside would be a more honourable stance to take in lieu of the impending disbanding.

“This is one that we thought long and hard about. We were really looking forward to playing Witchfest. We came to the conclusion that we would rather give the opportunity to a band that is sticking around and can benefit from the opportunity; a sentiment that Witchdoctor Productions agreed with. That being said, we have no doubt that Witchdoctor Productions will bring you an insane festival!” ~ Heinrich Killner

Witchdoctor Productions has since announced the inclusion of UK band One For Sorrow to the dual-city line-up for Witchfest 2017 in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Notwithstanding the band’s ending, Wargrave‘s 2015 Suffering The Void remains a stunning example of South African metal at it’s highest caliber. The album is available via the Wargrave bandcamp page.

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