Wargrave: Mutual Enemy single out today

Wargrave 2015 Mutual Enemy

Cape Town thrash metal band Wargrave have revealed another single today, just weeks following the surprise announcement of their Suffering The Void debut album (previous article here), and shy of another two weeks before the full release. Today’s single is for the track ‘Mutual Enemy’, with lyrics written by Chris Hall of Infanteria during his own tenure with the band prior to current frontman and producer, Heinrich Köllner.

“We chose this song is because it’s punchy, catchy, heavy and fucking bad ass. This has always been our favorite song to play live because of how the crowd responds to it.” ~ Heinrich Köllner (vocals, Wargrave)

Heinrich describes the lyrical content of the album as being centered around the title of “Suffering The Void”; themes of endless struggle with day to day life and the void which it represents.

“No matter how hard we try to get out of life’s struggles, we just get sucked in deeper and deeper.” ~ Heinrich Köllner

We also asked about the contribution from Chris Hall during his time in the band, which included the writing of ‘Mutual Enemy’, and got a response from the man himself:

“The whole song is about Betrayal. That’s the main theme. People can adapt it to any situation they like, but everyone has one ‘Mutual enemy’, and that’s someone who has betrayed you.” ~ Chris Hall (vocals/guitar, Infanteria, ex-Wargrave)

With ‘Mutual Enemy’ now out as a taster, the mood is set for the band’s official album launch party at ROAR in Observatory, Cape Town on Saturday 14 November. Guests will include fellow thrashers Infiltrate Neutralize Govern, and death metallers Imperial Destruction. Full details can be found at the official facebook event page.

“Everyone in Wargrave is super amped for the launch. We have worked very hard to achieve this. 14th November will be the conclusion of three years of work trying to release this album. So prepare to get your face melted and your neck snapped!” ~ Heinrich Köllner

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