Wargrave talk about ‘Tortured Beyond Recognition’

Wargrave press picture by Cathryn Golby of Downtuned

Cape Town has been producing a few bands inclined toward more thrash orientated styles of metal in recent years. Not least of whom is Wargrave, which was previously fronted by none other than Chris Hall of co-thrashers Infanteria. However, as pressures mounted on his side, Chris had to withdraw to tend his own kingdom, making way for Heinrich Köllner in 2012.

The band have just released a brand new demo track, recorded by themselves and mixed by Heinrich, except for the drums which were recorded by Dean Bailey at Cloud Studios.

“The track ‘Tortured Beyond Recognition’ has been a part of our set for a year now. It is one of our slower and more dynamic songs.” ~ Justin Ross (guitar, Wargrave)

The lyrics were written by Heinrich and reflect his interest in anything surrounding World War II, and focus in on actions and conditions related to the German and Russian concentration camps.

“We’re working on some more recordings that should see the light of day soon.” ~ Heinrich Köllner (vocals, Wargrave)

Whilst the band remains elusive with information about whether or not this forms precursor to a more formal release any time soon, Wargrave have told us that they are preparing for an onslaught of live activity in the coming months. Wargrave are also confirmed to perform at South Africa’s Witchfest in 2016, supporting such bands as Behemoth, At The Gates, The Haunted and many others.

Keep an ear out for the killer lead solo at 02:37…

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