Watch Wildernessking Record in an Old Church

wildernessking-soundless-longingLast month, Cape Town’s Wildernessking made use of an old church (now a photography studio) in Woodstock to record a new track titled “Soundless Longing”. The post-black metal quartet recorded the track with Michael Clarke for an upcoming, six-band South African split album called Secret Ceremonies.

Below you can watch a short video documenting the recording process, setup and hear a few extracts from the song. It sounds like Wildernessking‘s post-black metal sensibilities are still strong and the band only seems to be evolving and incorporating more with each release. The video, shot by Dirk Steenkamp, also manages to show the human side of Wildernessking. Whether it’s lugging amplifiers around or playing with sounds, it gives a very clear and natural insight into such an unconventional recording process.

“Soundless Longing” is out digitally next month, with Secret Ceremonies coming in 2015.

Wildernessking will be opening for Behemoth and Konkhra on Saturday 29 November at The Assembly in Cape Town.