We Came To Build: said just about everybody!


Local scene-building initiative, aptly titled Build Your Scene, announced their first concert: We Came To Build. And with it, a mass cooperative mobilization.

Over Xmas time we reported the announcement of a concert to be hosted on 18 March in Claremont, Cape Town, which held a specific focus towards larger scale and all-age access: We Came To Build 2016; and spoke to the organizer about some of the key elements behind it (see article here). The last few days have seen an eruption of activity to bring home the true extent of the vision, making this a very important event to keep an eye on.

We do not recall seeing in the past such a large mobilization of “official affiliations” of brands – often regarded by members of the public as even in competition with each other – gathering behind one common cause. Lending their strength to the initiative are: 7 String Studios, Burning Tone Records, Paul Bothner Music, Point Blanc Event Technical Solutions, The UnScene, True Believers, and www.metal4africa.com.


The Alpha Sequence
Take Hand
A Price On The King’s Head
I Became Nothing
Betray The Emissary
Atlantic South

For full details on We Came To Build 2016, visit the official facebook event page.

Of course, let it not be forgotten that Build Your Scene is in actual fact a community centric monthly podcast and has in recent days launched their first episode for 2016. This first episode of the current Leave A Legacy season features primary focus on the bands Megalodon and With Dawn, plus the usual news and views on other relevant happenings. Featured tracks include from Facing the Gallows, State Society, Messiah Complex, Imperial Destruction, and a ‘scene builders spotlight’ on Mike Pocock (State Society). Check it out at the Build Your Scene website.

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